The time I published a sex book

I had Sex Excursionist vol 1: Cherries, Love, and Line crossing in Angeles City, Philippines written a full year before I published it as an ebook on Amazon. I didn’t write it for the money, I wrote it for fun, just a way to relive the joy of the most fulfilling vacation I’d had in my life.

But while writing it was enjoyable, I felt nothing but trepidation about publishing it. Besides the normal writer fears of it not being accepted and receiving poor reviews and generally being shunned by readers, I was exposing the world to a bit of my sexual inventory. I was a Sex Tourist, who might find out? Not only that, did I really want to explain in detail to random people the intimacy of my encounters with prostitutes? Was I willing to be judged?

There was also the matter of exposing the girls I wrote about to public shame, and though that possibility was removed in a revision before I published, there are multitudes of bargirls who share traits with the characters I depicted. Could I be endangering any of them to sexual predators?

Finally, like so many writers before me, I longed to share my work with others and so I took the dreaded step of publishing on Amazon, with the comfort that it likely would not be read much anyway, and if it did, my insecurity would be alleviated by the small profit and monies I could use for my next sex vacation.


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