Next Book?

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Please note that I am working on the 3rd and final book in the Sex Excursionist trilogy, as well as a “All Works” book that includes the trilogy and other short stories and novellas in various states. They will all be released at the same time, or not at all, and categorized as “Erotica” (rather than travel).

Finished storylines:

  • Sex Excursionist book 3 “Happy Endings.” Loosely follows my own experiences in South East Asia. (half written)
  • “Ally” – what happens to Ally after her encounter with one of her girlfriend’s customers. (mostly written)
  • Frank’s First Night – Short story telling the story of Frank, seduced on his first trip to Thailand by a ladyboy in Nana Plaza. (written)
  • Slippery Slope, A Day in Paradise – Story of a waitress who crosses the line into prostitution. Based on a real person. (written)
  • Revenge – Hardcore sex between a man and his betrothed when he discovers infidelity. (written)
  • Bangkok Layover 2 – Rewritten novella, toned down to remove some extreme encounters. (written)

I hope to finish writing by the end of 2021. Please follow the Amazon writer page for Nathan Renly or check back here for updates.

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