A Redhead on Soi 6

A Redhead on Soi 6 Ebook Cover

Meet Ally.

Ally is a southern California red head on a gap year in Pattaya, Thailand, where she wanders down a sleazy side street (Soi 6). There, she is lured by the Thailand night industry and one stunning Thai prostitute, who seduces her during a night out away from her friends. Discovering the comfortable embrace of a strong woman, she must choose between the desire to stay in Pattaya or continue her travels.

As her wild-side escapes, however, she soon discovers the perilous world of her new girlfriend and the sexual sacrifices she makes, before Ally is faced with an even more difficult decision…

This is the author’s first attempt at writing a story that does not involve a sex tourist as a main character. I would appreciate any feedback you have to give!


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